Cutting the Cord: Legal Practice Without a Server

As Published in TechnoFeature™ by TechnoLawyer in 2010 — In this sequel to the first Cutting the Cord article, Seth recounts how moving to the Cloud went for Basha Systems.

Start-Up Tech Your Law Firm Really Needs – Document Management and Assembly

As Published in GPSolo Magazine’s July/August 2018 issue feature: How to Start and Build a Law Practice — Want to know how to set up the basics of Document Management and Assembly that will make your new law firm competitively efficient? Check out this article for a how-to!

A Tale of Two Firms: Adventures In the Cloud

As Published in Probate & Property Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2014 issue — As Cloud Offerings become ever more diverse, law firms become more uncertain on how to decide when to move into the Cloud and how to do it.  In this 2014 article from ABA Probate and Property, Seth Rowland tells the tale of two firms who took the plunge into the cloud. He details the processes he went through with these firms to determine which were the best Cloud options for them and how to create a Cloud transition process that would guarantee acceptance by their staff.  Although the article is 6 years old, the advice is still fresh and relevant.

The Feature Package Revolution

Case Management systems have always been either too simplistic to cover “your needs” or too complex to cover your resources and capabilities at customization. There have always been armies of consultants ready to provide
invaluable advice for a price — a steep price. The revolution comes as enhancements to the leading case management products have laid the foundation for an emerging market of add-on products. These products can install in minutes or hours and replace dozens of hours of customization, leaving room in the budget for vital user training. In this article, case management expert Seth Rowland discusses the case management products that support “feature packages” and highlights some of the packages currently available.