Cutting the Cord: Legal Practice Without a Server

As Published in TechnoFeature™ by TechnoLawyer in 2010 — In this sequel to the first Cutting the Cord article, Seth recounts how moving to the Cloud went for Basha Systems.

A Tale of Two Firms: Adventures In the Cloud

As Published in Probate & Property Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2014 issue — As Cloud Offerings become ever more diverse, law firms become more uncertain on how to decide when to move into the Cloud and how to do it.  In this 2014 article from ABA Probate and Property, Seth Rowland tells the tale of two firms who took the plunge into the cloud. He details the processes he went through with these firms to determine which were the best Cloud options for them and how to create a Cloud transition process that would guarantee acceptance by their staff.  Although the article is 6 years old, the advice is still fresh and relevant.

Legal Apps for the Lawyer on the Go

As Published in the May-June 2018 issue of GP Solo – This time, Seth brings in a younger perspective to discuss apps that could be useful to lawyers on smartphones. Seth and his college-aged son and colleague, Sam, have a discussion on how apps can help lawyers and paralegals do everything from answering email to accessing the office remotely to even on-the-go case law research.

Review – CLIO Practice Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) — we prefer the term Web app — has made significant inroads in areas such as project management and sales management. Themis Solutions has turned its attention to the legal profession. Its product, Clio, aims to make implementing a practice management system as simple as subscribing to a magazine. In this article, technology consultant and practice management expert Seth Rowland, Esq. reviews and rates Clio. Seth isn’t the only person who has reviewed Clio, but his evaluation is the most thorough. (Technolawyer – 2009)