Start-Up Tech Your Law Firm Really Needs – Document Management and Assembly

As Published in GPSolo Magazine’s July/August 2018 issue feature: How to Start and Build a Law Practice — Want to know how to set up the basics of Document Management and Assembly that will make your new law firm competitively efficient? Check out this article for a how-to!

Ditch Linked Accounting Software for Integrated Accounting Packages

by Caren Schwartz

In an article commissioned by Centerbase, Caren Schwartz explains why integrated accounting software packages benefits outweigh the flexibility of individual software custom-integrated together.

Five Reasons Your Law Firm Needs Workflow Software

In this piece commissioned by the cloud-based practice management software company Centerbase, we explain workflow software and why law firms can use it to maximize efficiency.

Legal Apps for the Lawyer on the Go

As Published in the May-June 2018 issue of GP Solo – This time, Seth brings in a younger perspective to discuss apps that could be useful to lawyers on smartphones. Seth and his college-aged son and colleague, Sam, have a discussion on how apps can help lawyers and paralegals do everything from answering email to accessing the office remotely to even on-the-go case law research.