Review – AdvologixPM

Have you ever wanted to cut the cord and take your practice everywhere you go? Have you ever thought about all the money you spend on hardware and software? Practice management consultant Seth Rowland began hearing these questions from his clients a year ago. Ever since, he has searched for the best Web-based practice management system. In this TechnoFeature article, Seth reviews AdvologixPM, which is built on’s platform. What does Seth think? Read his review to find out.

Cutting the Cord – Practical Tips

Geography can often get in the way of your firm’s plans for world domination. But thanks to technology, you can overcome such hurdles. In this article, technology consultant and practice management expert Seth Rowland discusses several innovative law firms, ranging from a solo practitioner to a mega-firm, that have embraced some aspects of virtual law practice. He explains the technology they use to “cut the cord” and expand beyond the “four walls” of their physical office.

Review – CLIO Practice Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) — we prefer the term Web app — has made significant inroads in areas such as project management and sales management. Themis Solutions has turned its attention to the legal profession. Its product, Clio, aims to make implementing a practice management system as simple as subscribing to a magazine. In this article, technology consultant and practice management expert Seth Rowland, Esq. reviews and rates Clio. Seth isn’t the only person who has reviewed Clio, but his evaluation is the most thorough. (Technolawyer – 2009)

RocketMatter Web Based Practice Management

Rocket Matter has rocketed into the practice management world, offering law firms a Web-based system for managing their practice. But is all the hype justified? That’s what we asked technology consultant and practice management specialist Seth Rowland, Esq. to find out. The result is a comprehensive review of Rocket Matter based on several months of use. Thinking of strapping your practice to Rocket Matter? Read Seth’s review for all the details.

Systemic Approach to Legal Document Automation Part 2

The amount of savings from a well-implemented document automation system could be as much as one or two FTE staff members.  Properly implemented, document assembly will improve baseline work product; better forms mean better first drafts, period.

Systemic Approach to Legal Document Automation Part 1

Document automation is the art of doing more with less — with the potential of leveraging higher profits out of a shrinking staff.

Still Using Microsoft Word 2003?

Word 2007 is a mature and well thought out product. If you have never used Microsoft Word, now is the time to switch. Finally, a product that places all your formatting commands no more than 2-clicks away. If you have used Microsoft Word as a “text editor” and struggled to format documents like the pros, you will find the new Ribbon much more intuitive. In particular, the ability to “preview” a change as you review the options will result in much more professional-looking documents. If you are a Word power user like me, you may be frustrated at first. But give it time. You will soon find many new features to love as you survey the “Ribbon.” You will find even more power and produce even more polished and professional documents

Review – AllCLEAR Legal Brainstorming

AllCLEAR’s FlowCharter and Analyzer build process diagrams and enable you to evaluate multiple paths in the process to determine the optimal path. The FlowCharter builds tree diagrams and organization charts from a simple text editor in minutes, and then enables you to refine these charts with powerful graphic tools to get the precise look you need. Analyzer, enables you to then add data to each of the
steps and branches in the chart for the purpose of finding all the paths through the process, and helps you calculate totals, averages, and probabilities.  A more complete review is provided below.

MindManager Mapping the Legal Brain

MindManager creates idea maps that enable you to link issues, facts, documents, and solutions in a multi-branching tree.  A litigator might use MindManager to map out the evidence supporting a particular theory of the case.

Review – HotDocs Professional 2006

If you take your law practice seriously and plan to stay in the law business over the next decade, you should seriously look into document assembly, and more specifically HotDocs. It is a truly great product that can dramatically enhance your productivity and profitability. Buying the software, however, is only the first step. Like my membership at New York Health and Racket Club, merely paying dues doesn’t make you healthy and fit.

GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToAssist

The “Connected” Lawyer of Today Is Wired with Technology.  Whether armed with a BlackBerry, Palm Treo, or Motorola Q, the modern lawyer constantly communicates with his/her clients, colleagues, and the court. Text messages, e-mails, and documents fly across the airwaves and wires 24-hours a day. With the expectation of “24×7” service comes the need for access to information “24×7” — far more information than the hard-drive of a PDA-Phone (or even a laptop) can store.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Women are different. And that includes their approach to buying computer hardware, software and services.  We at Basha Systems have found that an emphasis on responsiveness and customization have been highly appreciated by our female customers.   For more on our approach and philosophy, please see the attached.

Online document assembly pt2

Below I explore DealBuilder, QShift, Exari, and Perfectus IPManager in detail, focusing on the strengths of each system. I also offer a peek at D3. Each of these solutions are incredibly sophisticated tools in their own right. Each tool would result in significant people multipliers from its use. Each tool empowers the author of templates to reach numerous end users and give them the tools to rapidly create sophisticated legal documents.

Online Document Assembly pt1

One of the chief virtues of a Web server-based document assembly system is the reduced cost of maintaining hundreds of workstations. By centralizing most of the processing onto the server, you eliminate the installation and maintenance cost of servicing hundreds of workstations. DealBuilder, Exari, and Perfectus are zero-footprint solutions and can be run in any Web browser. By contrast, QShift requires the installation of a local fat client and relies on integration with Microsoft Word. For a more detailed review, see below.

Toys for Lawyers

Technology can be engaging. Why not indulge yourself (or at least your imagination) in a few devices that will give you great joy and maybe even a workout? Drawing on the Internet and Maxim
magazine, I have put together some of my personal favorites. I have chosen 10 categories of items that will “waste” your time, “engage” you in another dimension, make you the “envy” of your colleagues, or all of the above.

GoToMyPC vs Remote Desktop Connection

Although Microsoft comes with its own Remote Desktop Connection, Seth Rowland recommends that you take a look at GoToMyPC.

To All Wizards of the World

With the country going crazy about a boy wizard named Harry Potter (even my 7 year old has been read all five books and seen 2 movies dozens of times), I set to thinking about the role of the document assembly consultant in society of nonbelievers and came up with the idea of “Muggle Studies 102”. It started out as a workshop on project management and became … well you’ll see if you read on. Enjoy.

The Tablet PC Revolution

In this article, legal technologist Seth Rowland predicts that the Tablet PC will revolutionize the way lawyers work and interact with their clients. With the evolution of fully powered Tablet PCs and wireless networks, the Tablet PC has emerged as a productivity force that can now serve an important purpose in client meetings, not just as an expensive note-taking device. With the proper software, the Tablet PC can bring attorney and client closer together and foster greater productivity. Could a Tablet PC empower your legal practice? Read this article to find out.

The Feature Package Revolution

Case Management systems have always been either too simplistic to cover “your needs” or too complex to cover your resources and capabilities at customization. There have always been armies of consultants ready to provide
invaluable advice for a price — a steep price. The revolution comes as enhancements to the leading case management products have laid the foundation for an emerging market of add-on products. These products can install in minutes or hours and replace dozens of hours of customization, leaving room in the budget for vital user training. In this article, case management expert Seth Rowland discusses the case management products that support “feature packages” and highlights some of the packages currently available.

The Document Automation Revolution

In this article, legal technology consultant Seth Rowland explains why you should take a new look at “document assembly.” According to Seth, document assembly software is better than ever, more powerful, and easier to use. With Seth’s guidance, you’ll find the perfect solution whether you want to work on the Web, share your templates over a network, or simply build a library of your favorite clauses. Perhaps most significantly, Seth discusses new services that enable you to pay for document assembly on a per document or subscription basis.