Observations on Pathagoras

Pathagoras is a good introduction to the world of “clause-based” document assembly. It is an easy and functional tool that works the way many lawyers think in blocks and clauses. If you are the type of lawyer who is used to pulling up old forms and agreements and “data-mining” for the perfect clause, Pathagoras is a good tool to shorten that process and build a knowledge base.

Document Assembly and Data Integration Techniques

In this slideshow, Seth Rowland demonstrates the “marriage made in heaven”  – Databases and Document Assembly.

Battle of the Handhelds

These days, lawyers live by their handheld and, luckily for them, many of them can even run their Practice  Management System and Document Cloud systems such as NetDocuments directly from the palm of their hand.  Check out this slideshow about mobile systems.

Estate Planning Document Assembly Software

One of the largest growth area for out-of-the-box form based document assembly systems are Estate Planning forms.  In this Technolawyer post, Seth Rowland advises on the best way to choose an out of the box Estate Planning document assembly system.

Article – Bringing Up Rita – Artificial Intelligence Modeling

“Artificial Intelligence Modeling of Complex Legal Transactions” was presented by Seth G. Rowland, Esq. on March 16, 2002 at International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law’s 2002 Practical AI Workshop.

Document Assembly 2002 (ABA)

This slideshow lays out, step by step, the proper procedure for creating a document assembly system.  From Techshow 2002.

Hogwarts School of Wizardry

In this Technopost, Seth Rowland explains the terms, document automation and document assembly.

Hogwarts School of Wizardry: Muggle Studies 102

During the height of the Harry Potter mania, Seth Rowland cleverly used the Wizarding World to explain the concepts of document assembly to Muggles.

The New NEW Thing

What is the newest of the new technology that would be useful to legal professionals?  Take a look at this slideshow to review the latest and greatest.

Wireless Roadkill

Learn how to follow the wireless brick road by checking out this slideshow on portable, handheld and wireless techno tools.

How Not to Commit Malpractice

Even though our major focus is Practice Management and Document Assembly, we often find ourselves advising our clients on other technology needs.  Appropriately post 9-11, here is a presentation called How (Not) to Commit Malpractice With Your Computer!  from NY Legal Tech, September 25, 2001.

Document Automation Techniques

This slideshow provides a comparison of the features of Ghostfill Document Assembly vs. HotDocs Document Assembly.  From LawNet2001

Protecting Intellectual Property; Who Owns What?

On a daily basis, you advise your clients about securing protections for their intellectual property. You may file patents, register copyrights and trademarks, or draft nondisclosures and licenses. But how much do you really know about YOUR intellectual property? Some real life examples to test your knowledge of: “Who owns what?”

Don’t Touch That Template!

“Don’t Touch That Template – First Five Steps Before You Begin Automating A Template” is a must-read classic of Document Assembly Whitepapers that has been cited and re-cited again by other document assembly experts since its original publication in Law Practice Management Magazine in 2000.  Read this BEFORE you buy any document assembly software.

Mobile Lawyering

These days, lawyers work everywhere and anywhere. Take a look at this slideshow to see which Practice Management and Document Assembly tools, among others, are useful for the legal road warrior.

Automated Intelligence

How do you automate intelligence to capture the expertise of partners and senior associates? A Case Management paradigm provides the best software solution for capturing active intelligence of partners and senior associates during the running heat of a case.