Bartleby the Scrivener Visits LegalTech NY 2001

Walk with Bartleby through the halls of LegalTechNY 2001 and get his views on the available document assembly software.

Bartleby the Scrivener Visits LegalTech

Bartleby the Scrivener visited LegalTech in 2001 and checked out the best of breed in document assembly available then.  Today, 11 years later, document assembly software is still running strong.  Take a look.

Equipping Lawyers with Wireless Telephones

Steve Jobs once said that behind every overnight success lies 10 years of hard work. Nowhere is this aphorism more evident than in the wireless telephone industry. Ten years ago, the only wireless telephones used with any regularity were car phones. Portable cell phones existed back then in theory but not in practice — they weighed a ton and would fill up a briefcase. The introduction of the Motorola Micro -Tac wireless phone changed everything and ushered in the tiny wireless phones we use today. We now stand on the threshold of another wireless revolution — the convergence of telephony and handheld computers. What will the future hold? That is for you to decide in this TechnoDebate

How Technology Is Transforming Law

Today it is almost impossible to find a law firm that is NOT utilizing some form of technology.  Today, with document assembly software, practice management systems and remote cloud applications, technology will continue to transform the practice of law.

GhostFill vs HotDocs Head to Head

An in depth analysis for programmers of the differences and similarities between the two document assembly programs, HotDocs and Ghostfill.

Staff Reduction Technology

The secret to any meaningful increase in lawyer productivity on a mass scale lies in the Personal Digital Assistant, or hand held organizer. Actually, it is not the PDA itself that will yield this result. Rather, it is the case management systems that provide the data for the PDAs that will move the profession forward. The PDA is the agent of change.

Anatomy of a Strategic Alliance (LES)

We don’t just work with attorneys.  View this slideshow which demonstrates a document assembly or contract automation system which was built by Basha Systems in conjunction with Premier Medical Partners Fund, L.P. and VivoRx, a biotech company.

What is Knowledge Management?

Over the past decade I have been grappling with meaning and application of knowledge management to the legal community. It has become a buzz word that has been applied to everything from glorified file  managers (like PCDocs) to comprehensive knowledge archives (like LRN) to interactive discussion database tools (like Lotus Notes) to neural network software (like Houdini and The Brain). Each of these items are approaches to the organization of knowledge. Each of these items are big first steps over what preceded them. But none of them represent a comprehensive Knowledge Management solution.

Document Assembly Myths

Document Assembly software can change the way you conduct your legal business and the way you bill your clients.  But some lawyers still believe some myths about document assembly that keep them from taking the automation plunge.  In this article, Seth Rowland debunks the top five myths about document assembly.

Conference – Technology for Tightwads

What stops most legal professional from investing in the latest technology?  Money, of course.  What if  there was a way to get the advantages of technology on the cheap?  Check out this slideshow for some ideas.

Technology Investment And Staffing Ratios

When law firms and corporate law departments approach technology investments, they tend to ask the wrong question “How many staff can I eliminate if I adopt this technology?”  According to Seth Rowland, with a careful and specialized firm technology plan, a firm may be able to achieve a revenue return that may run into annual multiples of 10-100%.

Profiting from Document Assembly

Is Document Assembly “only” suitable for published Form sets? Absolutely Not.  In this prizewinning Technolawyer article from 2000, Seth Rowland explains how your Document Assembly System can become a firm profit center.

Harvesting the Fruits Issue Outline

Learn how to bring University-Industry R&D Collaborations to Life with legal document assembly tools.

Litigation Case Management On The Internet

This slide show shows an early example (1999!) of using the Internet for Practice Management.

Keeping the Sharks at Bay

In this slideshow, Seth Rowland discusses how to use document assembly software to create a system for quickly generating transactional documents.  Take a look at Keeping the Sharks at Bay while Adding Value to University Technology through a Virtual CRO.

Bringing Univ Collaborations to Life

A Slideshow about the use of document assembly to assist in bringing University R&D collaborations to the market.

Stock Purchase Agreement

Check out this slide show that shows the creation of a document assembly system that will create a complex Stock Purchase Agreement.

Case Study – NYC Transit Authority

The NYC Transit Authority buys a lot of stuff – so much so that they needed a document assembly system to help them produce and keep track of their procurement contracts.  Watch this slide show and see how it was done.