Brainstorming with MindManager & allCLEAR

Most  lawyers  are  familiar  with  Text-processing  tools  (like  Word  and Wordperfect),  search  engines  (like  LexisNexis,  Westlaw  and  Loislaw)  and  litigation support databases.  However, few have worked with true brainstorming tools that assist a lawyer  in  reaching  conclusions  and  identifying  connections  between  information.

Two tools  that  should  be  part  of  the  “thinking  lawyer’s  arsenal”  are  MindManager®  from Mindjet  (  and  allCLEAR®  from  Proquis  ( MindManager creates idea maps that let you link issues, facts, documents, and solutions in  a  multi-branching  tree.    allCLEAR’s  FlowCharter  and  Analyzer  builds  process diagrams and lets you evaluate multiple paths in the process to determine which path is optimal. On a scale of one to five, I would give MindManager a 5 and allCLEAR a 4.5.

Review – AllCLEAR Legal Brainstorming

AllCLEAR’s FlowCharter and Analyzer build process diagrams and enable you to evaluate multiple paths in the process to determine the optimal path. The FlowCharter builds tree diagrams and organization charts from a simple text editor in minutes, and then enables you to refine these charts with powerful graphic tools to get the precise look you need. Analyzer, enables you to then add data to each of the
steps and branches in the chart for the purpose of finding all the paths through the process, and helps you calculate totals, averages, and probabilities.  A more complete review is provided below.