Exari 5.3: Browser-Based Document Assembly

As Published in TechnoLawyer on October 6, 2009: You’ve heard of document assembly, and you’ve heard of cloud computing (Software as a Service). And maybe you’ve even heard about Web-based document assembly tools. But what about document assembly in your own private cloud? That’s what Exari offers law firms that want an on-site solution with minimal software setup. How well does Exari work? Read document assembly expert Seth Rowland’s exhaustive review in this TechnoFeature to find out. Seth doesn’t just review Exari, but he also explains how to calculate the return on investment for your firm. This article contains 2,149 words.

Top Five Myths About Document Assembly

In this article, Seth Rowland, an application developer of document assembly systems, debunks the top five myths about document assembly software.

In doing so, he avoids the smarminess of many industry spokespeople and even admits to idiosyncrasies and limitations in the current generation of document assembly products. This honest approach has resulted in a valuable article that all law firms should consult before purchasing document assembly software. This article won the MasterPost, a writing contest in The TechnoLawyer Community.

SEO and CMS for Lawyers

In this article, Seth Rowland looks at an approach to website design and search engine optimization, that separates the “technology” and “design” from the “information” and enables (or rather requires) you the lawyer to take an active and continuing role in your firm’s website. Through use of a properly configured web-based Content Management System (or “CMS”), your firm can achieve the goals of (1) effective communication with your existing clients, (2) establishing your firm’s expertise in particular areas of the law, (3) winning at “Google” by establishing your firm as a trusted resource for key search terms.

The Four Options for Mobile PM

Working on vacation may sound like a terrible idea, but like anything it’s all relative. It beats canceling a vacation. Here’s the problem. You can’t manage your practice by calendar and email alone. You need access to your entire
practice management system. In this issue of TechnoFeature, lawyer and practice management expert Seth Rowland runs through the four current options for accessing your practice management system on the go. For each option, he discusses several products, including their pros and cons.

Threat of Legal Process Outsourcing

How would you like a Tim Ferriss-style four hour work week? Impossible you say? Not with legal process outsourcing. Just send that multi-state research memo to India and your eDiscovery review to the Philippines.  Why hire overpriced American associates when you can outsource to cheap, English-speaking lawyers overseas?  Although tempting, legal process outsourcing has a dark side that threatens the American legal industry. In this  TechnoFeature, document and workflow automation expert and technology consultant Seth Rowland identifies the major LPO players, explains what they offer, and then lays out an alternative strategy that American law firms can employ to reduce costs and compete globally while avoiding the fate of American manufacturing companies that outsourced themselves into extinction.