GhostFill 5.4 Systems

Korbitec Technologies, Inc., the developers of GhostFill, made the decision earlier this year to phase out support for the GhostFill software. They will be providing support through the end of this year to ensure compatability with Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista. But they will no longer be making improvements to the core document assembly engine.

As a longtime GhostFill developer, Basha Systems has built numerous GhostFill systems and remains committed to providing ongoing support for those system, and systems that others may have built or had built for them. Basha Systems has great familiarity with the capabilities of the product.

GhostFill’s decision was to get out of the “retail software” system and focus its energies on building form sets and tools for the legal market. These tools will continue to use the GhostFill engine. And Basha Systems, as a preferred developer will continue to produce form sets using the GhostFill engine. Such systems as the Nebraska Probate System V will continue to be built using GhostFill. Plans are in the works for new forms system for Nebraska and other states.

Conversion Options to Move from GhostFill

However, GhostFill is no longer for sale as an engine. Some users of GhostFill considering major upgrades and expansions to their existing systems would be wise to consider alternatives. Alternatives include HotDocs, DealBuilder, Perfectus, qShift and Exari. For reviews of these products, see Document Assembly Articles.

Basha Systems, as a certified GhostFill Consultant, and as DealBuilder Development Partner and HotDocs Certified Independent Consultant, and with expertise in other platforms, is in a position to help you. We can help you analyze your current system and prepare it for conversion to another document assembly platforms in a cost effective manner. Please contact us if you have any questions about the future of your Ghostfill application and would like an estimate on the cost of conversion.