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Time Matters Tune Up

You may think your Time Matters installation is running smoothly, but is it really? Has it gotten slower over time? Perhaps there are data inconsistencies which result in missed dates or worse - missed leads?

Keep on top your Time Matters and ensure it runs at top speed, with continued data integrity and continues to evolve with your practice.

Have a look at our Time Matters Tune Up page for more information.

Practice Management Implementation

Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, Advologix, Clio, RocketMatter - which one is right for your practice?  Basha Systems have the answers.

From consulting to discern your exact requirements, to implementing, migrating data and customization - we can provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Read our Introduction to Practice Management Guide to learn more about how practice management can not only benefit, but revolutionize your bottom line.

Document Assembly Consulting

We specialize in designing, converting and building complex document assembly systems.  Our experience in working with numerous document assembly platforms is second to none, making us the perfect choice for any legacy or platform conversion.

We have fixed fee consulting packages specifically to peruse and design a conversion or startup document assembly project.  Check out our document assembly section for more information and our consulting store page for pricing.

Basha Systems and our Site

Since 1996, Basha Systems consultants have been dedicated to redesigning the legal process and legal practice techniques with custom expert systems and improved efficiency procedures. Through the use of document assembly software (also known as document automation, or expert drafting systems) such as HotDocs, Time Matters, Exari, Deal-Builder and GhostFill, and case management programs such as Time Matters® & Amicus Attorney®, Basha Systems continually seeks to decrease task times and increase the general productivity of its clients.

About the Basha Systems Site

For several years, Basha has been dedicated to providing online resources to the law community by way of articles, product discussions and general advice. Over the last year, we have expanded our site to accommodate massive amounts of information regarding document assembly/automation and case/practice management, and related topics thereto. We have recently restructured a large part of our website to make navigation more streamlined for our visitors. So, we hope you enjoy the new structure and the redefined menus meant to make your stay here more enjoyable and more importantly, informative.

Site Expansion

For the past decade we have been adding content to this site, as well as building a family of sites. To bring order to this site, we have broken it into a main domain, a subdomain and several ancillary sites. To better understand where to look for the information you need, keep the following points in mind:

  • As with most websites, our top-horizontal menu contains links to the site that you are currently on.
  • The grey horizonal menu contains links to our other websites.
  • The menu on the left will show you links related to the page you are currently on.

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