Buyers Guide to Brainstorming and MindMapping Tools

They say that lawyers are not visual people.  Hogwash. We’re all visual. No one’s brain, legal or otherwise, works only in the linear, verbal realm. Thus, it’s likely you could benefit from mindmapping (aka brainstorming) software. And who better to write a buyer’s guide for you than lawyer and document assembly expert Seth Rowland who reviewed allCLEAR and MindManager respectively in two issues of  this newsletter back in 2007. In today’s TechnoFeature article, Seth moves beyond the product review to deliver for you at no charge a full-blown buyer’s guide. Seth discusses nine features to consider when shopping. As a bonus, the appendix to this article lists 14 desktop software and six cloud (Web) products. Did Seth use mindmapping software to create this comprehensive buyer’s guide. Need you ask?

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