Power TXT

Intercon, the developers of PowerTXT had a great idea. What would happen if you parsed a legal contract into headings and body text, and then used a tool to selectively choose by heading, which language to include in an assembled contract.

What if you could automate the parsing process, allow the user to supply alternate clauses, and even include some field logic. The result was PowerTXT. In its time, it was the most innovative redesign of documents out there. PowerTXT has long since shut its doors, and moved on.

However, the parsing and outline concept has been resurrected in Online solutions such as iXio’s qSHIFT, Exari, and Microsystems D3. The PowerTXT system, for all its innovation, lacked support for complex scripting, repeats and collections and a host of other features. If you do have a system built in PowerTXT, Basha Systems can help. For more information, click here.