Q: Why would I get consultant training?

A: To access a depth & breadth of knowledge you don’t (and can’t) have.

Consultants do it Better

Consultants work with numerous clients, all with different requirements, goals and needs.  We see the same thing from 1,000 different angles – every different slant or permeation of it.

The in-house power user or administrator only ever sees one implementation of that product – their own.  Only one way of looking at it and thinking about it.

Consultants see hundreds.  We are daily required to solve problems we didn’t know could exist, using functions we’ve just found in programs we’ve known inside out for years.

Like Burger King – Have it your way

No matter what software you’re using, or want to learn to develop with, or have just purchased and need to get your feet wet without wasting days.  We’ve got a training option for you.

2 Hour Quick Start

Reviewing an entire product’s features top-to-bottom, just to make sure you’re not “missing the good stuff”- touching on everything & turning all the handles.

4 Hour Focus Session

No one ever knows everything they need to know, so let’s drill down into specific features, commands & methodologies I don’t know about yet.

8 Hour Boot Camp

This is skill-up time.  You’ve just been handed a brand new product or have used a product for ages and want to learn the developer’s side of things.

This is where we deliver over a decade of learning and experience to you.  Within an 8 hour window.  Depending on how much you love the product, it may or may not be pleasant.