First and foremost, we are a consulting organization who are dedicated to the needs of legal professionals and document specialists.  More than ever, there are numerous platform choices, hundreds of options and so many considerations that you’ll never get it straight in your head.  

Unless of course this is what you do all day, every day. For years.  That’s what we do – for people like you.   Questions become answers.  Options become decisions. Everything becomes clearer.

Your Outcome is Everything

If you’ve read anything by Seth Rowland, our principal, you’d know that Basha is all about return on investment, improving staffing ratios and delivering more for less.  To achieve that, you – our client – always come first.

It’s all about how you can do what you already do, but faster. With less issues and more ROI at the end of the day.

No Salesmen!

We don’t have software we push on you, or rigid approaches that must be taken. We don’t care about commissions on sale either.

What Basha do have is 15 years of experience with document assembly, practice management & document management consulting.  15 years of getting the best result for our clients.

15 Years of knowing what NOT to do

There’s not much we haven’t seen in this time.  We firmly believe we’ve seen every mistake made, made most of them ourselves (once) and have learned from it all. From start to finish, we know what to avoid, what to focus on and where true value lies.

When you retain Basha, you retain a level of expertise that avoids risk and optimises profits.  No matter what you need to get done, we’ve done it before and know the work.