Lending With GhostFill

Lending and commercial finance documents can be created in minutes with a well-designed document assembly system. We are not talking about static forms. We are talking about living negotiable documents designed to handle complex and sophisticated financial arrangements. In the application below, designed for a national bank, Basha Systems built a system to create a complete package of lending documents, inclusive of state specific customizations.

Document Creation Made Easy

This system is powered by the GhostFill document assembly platform. GhostFill allows you to create a complete lending application.

Document Selection by Menu

This package includes a complete set of lending documents, from the Deed of Trust to the Loan Agreement, the Guarantees, and the Escrows to the Certificates. Each document automatically includes state specific variations.

Using a master interview, you can quickly group all relevant questions by topic.  For the user, this makes the system simple and intuitive to use, while decreasing data entry times.

Interactive Party Dialog

Each screen of the interview is a mini-program. It shows only the relevant questions in the decision tree, dynamically updated as data is entered.

In this illustration, we are gathering information on the borrower, and the persons and entities authorizing the transaction for the borrower.

document assembly centralized collection

For Each Borrower

There is more to the Borrower than just a name. Start with an individual. GhostFill assumes the borrower will sign in his own name.

when borrower is a corporation

A Corporate Borrower

The Borrower is a corporation. Now a signor and signor title are required.

A Partnership

The Borrower is a partnership, and the fun begins, for details are required on the general partners.

gp handler in document assembly

General Partner of the Borrower

Each general partner of the Borrower can be an individual, entity or a partnership.

display type of gp handling

Type of GP’s of the General Partner

If the general partner is itself a partnership, what type of partner?

GP of GP image

The GP of the GP of the Borrower

And this GP in turn can be an individual or an entity.

document assembly navigation

Navigation Tree

With the navigation panel, it is easy to see the complete corporate structure of the borrower and each an every signer and general partner.

Special Data and Logic

GhostFill is more than just a form filler. It is a platform for building expert systems, supporting complex logic.

Using decision tree logic, you can determine whole branches of questions. This permits the user choose the optimal way for them to enter the information.

elements of the transaction

Elements of the Loan Transaction

Basic elements of the loan transaction can be entered here, such as effective date, amount and governing law.

document assembly handling participation loans

Participation Loans a Click Away

However, if it is a loan that will be shared with other banks, a click brings up a place to enter details on each participation.

Fill it in with Table View

The table view allows you to enter rows of data. It includes support for drop downs and scripting.

dialog document assembly view

Switch to Dialog View

A single click and now you see a collection of dialogs.

Revise in Dialog View

Table view converts to dialog view. You can then enter and revise details.

Loan Application Modification

Collections of dates can be handled with a simple click. Here, click if the loan application was modified.

List of Dates

This brings up a list of dates

date selection with a click

Date Selection is Easy

Date selection wizard makes selection of dates easy.

All Aspects of a Lending Transaction

It is easy to handle all aspects of a lending transaction. Here are some sample screens on a range of lending topics.

Project Details

Enter details on the nature of the project.

property descriptions

Property Description

System support single and multiple property loans.

Property Detail

Each property has a separate description window for entering details.

closing details image

Closing Details

Enter details about when the closing is to occur and about the property inspection.

debt instruments

Debt Details

Describe the debt, the interest rate and the payments.

misc details

Miscellaneous Details

A catchall to enter a range of details unrelated to specific documents.

Escrow Terms

Various escrow agreements and their amounts.

promissory note generation

Note Details

The Promissory Note is a critical element to the transaction.