Integrate with XpressDox for your law firm.

XpressDox for Salesforce

In many instances, custom integrations with require knowledge of API and programming languages.  With XpressDox, this is NOT the case.  To XpressDox, the Org is just another data source.  Each OBJECT in Salesforce is just another table.  And, connecting data on multiple tables is just a simple JOIN.  All this is handled when you register a data source in XpressDox.  Put in the extended credentials for your ORG, choose the OBJECT which you wish to connect to.  Then define the field or fields you wish to use as the filtering criteria.  In our hands, the connection can be done in under an hour.  The hard work comes, in defining what data you want to extract and how you want to use it.

See my blog post for further details.  Click here.