NetDocuments Document Management

NetDocuments DM

With NetDocuments, bring your firm fully into the Cloud and discover what true enterprise Document Management is like.

Key Features of NetDocuments DM

  • Organization: Organize documents across cabinets, tags, folders, or workspaces across the firm’s global repository.
  • Enterprise Search: Search across cabinets or the entire repository with full-text enterprise search, including search analysis, metadata, phrase, and proximity searching that supports Boolean operators, lemmatization, and spell checking.
  • Work with documents: Create, edit, and collaborate on documents with full version control, locking, and rights provisioning.
  • Document permissions: Grant or restrict access and edit rights to individuals or user groups at the cabinet, folder, metadata, or document level.
  • Integrations: Work smarter with seamless integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe for easy opening, saving, and editing.
  • Records Management and Retention Policies: Manage your records and entire document lifecycle with customizable retention policies, litigation hold, and imaging services.
  • Alerts: Receive automatic notifications for documents and folders you follow.
  • Document History: View the comprehensive audit trail for a document, tracking all activity by user, date, time, and action.
  • Approval: Stamp documents with your approval to aid in the workflow process.
  • Third Party Integrations: Integrate your document work with many third party applications developed to help you get more done in less time.

Our Expertise

At Basha Systems we have worked with law firms and business to implement a wide variety of document management solutions with NetDocuments.

  • Document Migration Expertise: We have migrated clients from numerous practice-management based DMS solutions into NetDocuments, including: Client Profiles, Aderant, Time Matters, Document Locator, Windows Server, Dropbox, and Box.
  • Innovative Workspace Design: We have have enabled a law firm’s workspace to run a legal docket; another law firm to support litigation support-based client profiling; and a third firm to enable display of documents across multiple workspaces, based on tagged criteria.
  • Integrations with Cloud Based Legal Practice Management Systems:  We have have worked with many law firms integrating NetDocuments with; both defining the objects and custom fields required, and then setting up the built-in workspace.  We have worked with Clio Practice Management to migrates hundreds of thousands of documents from a client-server DMS system into NetDocuments in a way that integrates fully with Clio.  And we have integrated NetDocuments with ActionStep.