SmartWords and Xyrite

Users loved Xyrite. Publishers loved it. Xyrite, rebranded SmartWords had a reveal codes “to die for”. It supported 3 view modes, Codes-view, draft, and print preview. The program was then re engineered into integrated development environment with a BTRieve database and full document assembly engine that allowed the user to build systems for the desktop and the web — and that was ten (10) years ago, before HotDocs Server was even a flicker on the imagination.

Unfortunately, the company went out of business several years ago. Its user base was limited to a few hundred law firms that purchased an estate planning form set called Wealth Transfer Planning. The authors of that form set, Jonathan Blattmachr and Michael Graham formed a new company, Interactive Legal Systems, and purchased the right to the forms. Basha Systems was retained by Interactive Legal Systems to rebuild the system from scratch using HotDocs and Microsoft Word. You can see the results of this process elsewhere on our site.