GhostFill was a document assembly platform that has been discontinued.  If you have a legacy GhostFill system, we can either provide you continued support, or we can migrate you to another document assembly platform, be it HotDocs, XpressDox or ContractExpress that will give you similar features.  We supported over 200 law firms on GhostFill in its heyday, so we know what it can do and how to accomplish it.  One of the key features in GhostFill was the ability to create custom functions to streamline the coding of variables.  This feature was added to HotDocs with the release of HotDocs Developer 11.0.  ContractExpress added this as a feature to their cloud server in the summer of 2016.  XpressDocs has over 100 functions, but to date, does not allow custom functions.  You should consider each of these products as an alternative.

If you have a legacy GhostFill system and want help, please CLICK HERE to contact us.