Most likely you have already licensed Contract Express (aka Deal-Builder) at your law firm or company.  You were told it is easy to use, which is true.  And your were told that anyone can create templates, which is also true.  But somehow, the templates your created DID NOT live up to your expectations.  At this point, you may have recognized that you may need some help.

Creating automated documents is not easy; just as practicing law is not easy.  They require overlapping, but different skill sets. Lawyers do a great job solving problems as they are presented; ergo great at drafting custom documents.  By contrast, programmers, need to anticipate potential problems, and solve them before they are presented.  That is where we at Basha Systems come in.  We have been anticipating drafting problems in automating legal documents since 1996.  We have worked with ContractExpress and its predecessor, DealBuilder for many years.  We know what it can do, which is quite a lot.  But getting it to do what you want may require learning an arcane set of syntax instructions, adopting specialized variable naming conventions, creating shared data dictionaries, defining word stylesheets and a lot of other stuff that you would not rather do yourself.

Whether you are currently using ContractExpress, or considering using it, consider calling Basha Systems LLC for a free courtesy consult.  Click here to send in a request or call us.