Salesforce – Fall 2016 Release

The details below describe recent improvements in the fall release of Advologix.  Click here to get details from the Advologix website.

Matter Management

  • The Matter Hierarchy Map (shown above) now defaults to a genealogical tree display. The relationship map can be displayed in either of two viewing modes, Tree or Scatter. Tree View (new in Fall 2016) is similar to a genealogy chart while Scatter View presents a centralized map similar to the Matter Participation Maps.
  • Advologix has added three new Matter Participant buttons: New User, New Account, New Contact. These new buttons facilitate quicker Participant creation by removing one step in the process.
  • The Participation Map has been extended to support viewing participation from not only the Matter perspective but also from the Account, Contact, and User perspectives. This allows your organization to quickly visualize the Matters a particular Contact, User and Account are related to. And the other relationships associated with those entities.
  • Nodes in the Participation Map now have a context menu (right-click) with several new options:
    • Open – will open the property page for the selected entity.
    • Set Focus – will redisplay the Participation Map from the perspective of the selected entity.
    • Collapse/Expand – Collapsing the node will hide the children of the node for improved readability. Expanding will revert back to displaying the children. Clicking the node has the same effect as selecting these options from the context menu.
  • Participation Map filter settings are now automatically saved and restored.
  • You may now quickly search the Matter Timeline using the new search area directly above the Timeline.

Document Assembly

  • Documents may now be assembled to the computer clipboard. This functionality allows the resulting document to be pasted into a word processor, email application or other suitable target application.
  • Document Templates may now be inserted into other Document Templates. This allows the reuse of smaller templates for common blocks of assembly. For example, a signature template can be dropped within a form letter template without the need to redefine the signature block.
  • A new API callback method allows administrators and integrators the ability to extend the automation process of document creation.

Document Management

  • The Files and Content panel now allows Content to be filtered by Library. When Files and Content is configured with Library support a column for the Library display as well as a sidebar filter option to independently choose a Library.
  • Several enhancements were made to the interface options to make working with Files and Content much quicker. A new document type icon is now displayed for each document. Additional functions have been added to the context menu.


  • When tracking Time from an activity, a new global option allows your organization to choose the Activity field to use when assigning the Time entry Description. This option can be set independently for both Task and Event activity types.
  • Advologix now has a new AdvoLogix Setup tab dedicated to Timekeeping. All global options related to Timekeeping have been consolidated to this new tab.