Consulting – Our Ethos

Basha Systems builds and designs systems that evolve. From the beginning, we treat document assembly and case management as on-going processes. We build in connectivity to existing systems. We work with our clients to become more productive and more profitable. Generally, we start with small pilot projects and as our client reaps the benefits of the pilots, we expand their systems. We are committed to open standards on public platforms, readable source code, and client training.

Open Standards

Basha Systems is committed to open standards. We work with best-of-breed development platforms. All consulting clients for whom custom development work is done are provided with complete design roadmaps. All custom applications are provided unlocked.
However, we encourage our clients to roll out such applications as locked run-time applications.

Readable Source Code

Our approach to programming and design provides readable source code. Templates, variables and scripts must make sense both to programmers and content experts (who generally are not programmers). Applications are designed from the ground up to be understandable and maintainable by our clients. Regardless of whether the platform is HotDocs, Exari,  GhostFill or DealBuilder, the source code we provide to you will be readable with little to no effort.

Client Training

Basha Systems provides training services in conjunction with application development and rollout. With minimal training, any end user should be able to use our systems. With a little more training, content experts can easily update the templates and interviews.Most quotes we provide will have a component built in for training costs, however, should any of your staff require additional training at any stage, our training section has several options available.

Application Development

Several of our clients have had applications that had marketable potential.  In these cases, we have advised and worked with these clients to determine their potential market and to work with them to get their applications into a format suitable for market sale. Among these products which we have helped to launch are Interactive LegalSuites, Wealth Transfer Planning, Elder Law and Special Needs Planning and Essential Estate Planning and Nebraska Probate System V. We also assisted in the development of West Publishing’s Drafting Wills and Trust Agreement (DWTA).