Consulting – Expectations: Yours and Ours

Document and process automation is not easy. Don’t accept the snake oil that other vendors of software and consulting services may sell you.

There are too many boxes of software sitting on the shelf and too many dead projects. No single purchase will magically transform your organization into a fully automated and technologically efficient practice.

Process automation requires an understanding of YOUR processes and YOUR documents, and how they will be automated with software. Below is an outline of what we expect of you, our client, and what you can expect of us as your consultant.

What We Expect of You

It takes a person with vision to hire Basha Systems. It takes a person who can see a brighter day tomorrow. It takes a person with the commitment to invest in themselves and in technology. It takes a person who is willing to stop running in place. It takes time … your time – which is your most valuable commodity – to build a system that will make you money.

Do You Have a Business Plan?

Properly implemented, document assembly systems will pay for themselves in months. In the first year, these systems will bring several multiples to the bottom line. Efficiency, however, comes at a cost, in a traditional bill-by-the-hour model. We require our clients to have a business plan, even if it is on the back of a napkin. We expect them to have a strategy for what to do when their document drafting time goes from 50 hours per transaction to 30 minutes.

Are We Working with the Expert?

Garbage in – garbage out. If you assign us to work with someone who doesn’t understand your firm’s documents and processes, don’t expect us to produce anything useful. Give us the expert, a senior paralegal who has handled 500 closings for the firm, a junior partner who has closed 50 private placements, a senior associate who is intimately familiar with the workings of your firm’s finance documents. We will make sure their time is spent productively.

Is Document Assembly Billable?

Face it. Law firms and corporate law departments exist to service their clients and make money. Time spent playing with toys is generally not viewed as billable time. CHANGE IT. Give the reward to investment. One dollar spent on billable work will never be more than one dollar. One dollar spent on document assembly & process automation will return a minimum of five dollars on a monthly basis. If time spent on document automation is not aggregated as billable time, these automation projects will never get completed.

Are You Willing to Invest in Your Practice?

Licensing for automation software is cheap. However, practice automation is not. Basha Systems expects its clients to invest in their practice: both money and time. The greater the investment, the greater the return. Our goal at Basha Systems is to leverage that investment to produce the maximum ongoing returns. We routinely reject projects that are unlikely to produce recurring revenue or substantial savings. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

What You Can Expect from Basha Systems

Blueprint for Success

We are going to give you a tool to print money. Prior to any automation project, we will lay out a strategy for automation that will minimize demands on internal resources while maximizing your return. Basha Systems builds “blueprints” for all projects prior to the commencement of any coding. These blueprints cover every aspect of the automation project, and for all intents and purposes constitute the source code for all applications we build. What does this mean to you, the client? It means that you receive a clear and concise practice system that you can maintain without further assistance or intervention by Basha Systems.

Subject Matter Expertise

How many times have you assigned a task to a programmer who is clueless about what you actually do for a living? Basha Systems consultants are lawyers and legal professionals who have subject matter expertise in your practice area. We have built systems in commercial finance, real estate, estate planning, litigation, private placements and private lending to name but a few. While we may not be mind readers, we have the ability to anticipate many coding and structural issues, thereby saving you time.

Time Expenditure Optimization

The Basha Systems approach has been developed to maximize the return on your time investment. Because we approach all projects methodically and systematically, we can resolve complex issues in a few short hours that might otherwise take days. In addition, because we prototype all interviews and systems, we can reduce the time it takes to refine and polish a system which will gain acceptance by your user base.

Defined Investment with Maximum Return

Have you ever written a blank check? Of course not. Basha Systems will give you a realistic price for a clearly defined project. You build the ROI case for the project into your business plan, and our Blueprint for Success will set a realistic budget to complete your project.. With our subject matter expertise and your knowledge expert, we can deliver the project on time and on budget. Within months, your system will have paid for itself and you’ll be the hero of your firm.