Practice Management Beginner’s Guide

You gotta have some. This stuff is addictive. It’s better than crack. Once you have some, you can’t go back. You are transformed. Life without it is just not worth living. No, this is not some miracle drug … This is a piece of software that can transform your business or legal practice and the way you live your life.

Case Management software systems, like Time Matter, Lexis Nexis Total Practice Management or Amicus Attorney, are the answer to entropy. Case management programs will bring order to disorder and a method to the madness. Case management software will put information at your finger tips, information that will bring you money. Case management systems will allow you to be David taking on Goliath. This is good stuff that every lawyer, every businessman, every time-keeping profession MUST use.

A Beginner’s Guide

We could write several novels on case management and its uses without exhausting the subject. If you already know what case management is but haven’t yet purchased a case management package like Time Matters, please read on. If you have purchased a case management system like Time Matters, but have not tweaked it, read on. You may get some ideas. If you “get it”, you may still find some arguments to help convince your colleagues.

Managing Expectations

Good habits are the key to getting the most out of case management. You need to begin with a sense of which processes will work. Prior to implementations of a case management system, these will be manual processes. A good system for intake of new cases, including gathering detailed client information and details about all the actors in a case, will translate into an “actors and actions” table in Time Matters. A system of regular job and task assignments, will translate into a successful delegation system.