3545 Consulting Team Members

The strength of 3545 Consulting is the people.  I could say that they are the “nicest” people around. But that would be an understatement. And there are a lot of other “nice people.” I could also say that their knowledge of legal-specific software runs deep.  In that case, it would be an understatement.  In joining 3545 Consulting, I am working with true peers who have a breadth and depth of knowledge that rivals and exceeds my own.

I could also say that the people of 3545 Consulting Group are diverse. There is a balance of men and women, possibly more women than men. There is a balance of politics, red and blue, liberal and libertarian, fiscally conservative and profligate. There is a balance of young and old, with an emphasis on maturity. And there is a commitment to team and collaborative work.

At Basha Systems, we are continuing our primary focus on document assembly and workflow design for our clients. We continue to work with all partners and consultants in the same cooperative and collaborative way. But, courtesy of our affiliation with 3545 Consulting, we can now offer our clients a wider range of services. In additional to Billing Matters, which we have long offered in collaboration with Holly Humphreys, we can now offer the full range of law firm billing and practice management services on all platforms.  We do a wide range of collaborative projects.  Here are just some of the people who I work with a regular basis in collaborative projects.

    • Tommy Glenn:  team_tommy_glennTommy is a gem.  Beneath the modest exterior lies a database genius who can bring order to chaos.  Whether you need to get useful information out of a practice management or billing system in the form of reports, or in the event of a migration, Tommy just makes it seem easy.  He has built the tools the make things happen. Click for full profile.


    • Nancy Griffing:  team_nancy_griffingNancy would give the Iron Chancellor a run for her money.  She has a breadth of knowledge and experience in legal billing and practice management that is unrivaled.  And yet, in client relations, I would have no other person standing by my side.  She truly care for her clients and for client support.  You will have no better advocate or impartial advisor.  Click for full profile.


    • Kate Heath: team_kate_heathKate has the most even temper of anyone I know.  She has been with TimeSlips since the beginning.  There are few gnarlsome billing requirements for lawyers that she has not handled.  We have worked together on integration between Advologix/Saleforce and TimeSlips.  She has cleaned up many a mess.   Click for profile.


    • Arthur Cruz: team_arthur_cruzArthur heads up the technical services team at 3545 Consulting.  He is the counterpoint to Nancy.  His mission is to do his job so well that you don’t know he was even there.  He quietly resolves difficult environments before you even knew there were any problems. Click for full profile.


    • Caren Schwartz: team_caren_schwartzCaren and I have worked together for many years before I joined 3545 Consulting.  There is not a single billing or accounting system that Caren has not put through its paces.  She has a core of expertise in Quickbooks and TimeSlips.  She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Check out her blog, TimeAndCents.  Click for profile.


    • Robert Rice: team_robert_riceRobert has been with Time Matters since the beginning.  If your Time Matters database is corrupted or mis-performing, he is your man.  Few people, other than maybe Steve Stockstill, know more about the inner working of the Time Matters database and how to optimize it.  Click for profile.


    • Randall Williams: team_randell_williamsRandall recently  joined the team, but he hit the ground running with his prior experience as a law firm CTO.  He knows how to manage a team with large rollouts of hardware and software and is one of the quickest studies I know.  He makes problems disappear. Click for Profile


    • Neil Quateman:  team_neil-quatemanNeil is my sparring partner.  As a long-time resident of California (aka the Left Coast), we share a lot in common, but have many differences is style, if not perspective. Neil is a leading specialist in the Worldox document management platform.  I have chosen to specialize in the hosted NetDocuments solution. As “rivals” on the same team, we regularly conduct shootouts for our clients seeking to choose a DMS system.  So far, the competition is a draw; the only winner being the clients. Click for Profile