Process to Implement Case Management

Implementing a Case Management system is all about common sense - so lets take some lessons from an ultimate source of logic & common sense - a kindergarten  teacher. "Stop, Look, Listen ... then Do." These were the words of my son's kindergarten teacher to her students on the first day of school. It is by these words that she managed a pack of 20 unruly kids. When she rang a bell, the kids were to "stop what they were doing," and "look at her" and "listen to what she said" and finally "do what she said". These words also apply to evaluating whether a Case Management system is for you and what you will require it to do.

STOP ...

For a moment, stop what you are doing. Take the time to read this page to begin with, and then take some dedicated time to think about this issue. That means, stop reading your emails, stop surfing the internet, and stop thinking about anything else. Take some dedicated time to think about this issue.

LOOK .....

Look around you. Look at your desk and how it is organized. Look at your computer desktop and how you structure your program files and your work product. Look at your secretary, your paralegal, your support staff and how they support you in your work. Look at how your colleagues interact with you. Think about all these issues. Think about how things are done by you and everyone else .... and how ... maybe, they could be done better.Case Management is all about organizing what you already have and work with - so take the time to ASSESS what you are currently doing so you know what you are working with!


It is not enough to stop and look around. Before you continue with your day, you need to listen to other views, consider other viewpoints, evaluate other approaches. Case Management systems are not PIMS (personal information managers). They are systems to manage your firm's law practice. These are shared systems. Their power is the ability to share, the ability for one attorney to pick up the electronic case file of a vacationing attorney and to provide quality service. They are the ability for a paralegal to log your phone calls and quickly get you a copy of the document or email that you need to close a tricky negotiation. These viewpoints need to be considered. Case Management is not about any one particular person regardless of who that person is. Case Management is about the evolution (not revolution) of managing the entire firm's modus operandi.

Then DO!!!!

It is time to get off your duff. After you have stopped, and looked and listened, you need to take some action. Otherwise, all the effort is wasted. If Case Management is for you, something of which we have no doubt, you need to stop dragging your feet. Go call a Time Matters or Amicus Attorney consultant. Try us. For now, just read on, and learn how Case Management can bring dollars to your bottom line and make you a happier wealthier person, make your clients and those other important persons in your life happier.

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